Cell Phone Tracking

  • Tracking A Cell Phone - The Methods Available Today

    Tracking a cell phone can be accomplished via several methods. The most popular way is via a tracking app. You can find thousands of these application in the app store for Apple, or Google play for Droid. This software only works with phones that have built-in gps chipsets, like smartphones. The app running on the phone obtains latitude and logitude coordinates from the phone's built-in gps chipset and transmits that information back to an internet connected server. A user can connect to that server and get the coordinates of the phone, which can be overlayed on a satellite map like google maps.

    The location accuracy with an app that gets position data from the phones GPS chipset is usually very accurate. However, the drawbacks are plentiful. First and foremost is battery drain on the cell phone. Apps constantly using the gps chipset of the phone use a lot of power, which quickly drain your phones battery. Not very useful when your phone only stays on for a few hours before needing to be recharged.

    Secondly, its very easy to turn the app off disabling your tracking services. Simply stopping most apps, or turning off location services on your phone renders these apps useless.

    Installing tracking software on your phone is another option. There are a tremendous number of companies out selling all kinds of phone tracking software. We've seen many of those claiming all kinds of crazy things. Like spying on someone's phone calls, reading their text messages and so on. Besides not only being illegal, this goes beyond invading someone's privacy. We do not in any way condone these types of nefarious activities.

  • How Our System Tracks A Cell Phone

    Our cell phone tracking methods are quite different from the above. In fact, with our system there is no app or software used to obtain location information of mobile phones.

    Here is how we do it. Our system will query a mobile phone carriers network which a phone is operating on. If the phone is GPS enabled, we get assisted gps location data from that phone, which is usually very accurate. If our system does not get AGPS data from the phone, we check for location based on cell tower triangulation. Location accuracy via this method is less accurate. Location position information can range from a few hundred feet to several miles. Results are better in urban areas, as opposed to rural areas with few towers.

    In order for us to query a carrier's network our methodolgies for obtaining mobile phone location data were reviewed by each indvidual carrier we support and approved for use. This means, that our system complies with industry accepted privacy protection issues. You cannot just locate any cell phone on our system. All phones enrolled in our service must opt-in to the service. This is done automatically when a user enrolls a phone on our system via text message. The text message sent, requires the end user to reply in the affirmative to that message. The end user can also immediately stop all messaging, by replying "stop" to the text message. There are a host of other privacy protecting guidelines that we follow, but we won't have you suffer through those details.

    Once a end user has enrolled a phone on our system, they can login to a secure web portal, via an internet connected mobile device or computer. The user can than use our system to locate their mobile phone.
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