Here's How To Redeem A Prepaid Mobile Phone Locate Card

If You Purchased A Prepaid Locate Card. Register For An Account.
When You First Login To Your Account, Select "Redeem Prepaid Card".
Enter Code From Back Of Card. Once Code Redeemed, Add Phones To Your Account.
If you've purchased a prepaid mobile phone locate card follow the instructions below:

Redeem Your Prepaid Mobile Phone Locate Card

1. Create An Account
- Check Your E-mail and Click the Verification Link!
2. Select "Redeem Prepaid Card" Button

Carefully Enter The Pin Code and Control Code into Form. Press The Redeem Card Button.

3. Add Phones To Your Account

Register the phones you wish to locate. Enter the phone number, a nickname for the device and select the carrier. Once you submit this information, we will send the phone a text message. Simply reply, YES to the sms and you can now locate your phone.